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The Circular & Co travel mug (originally known as rCUP) is a reusable coffee or tea mug made from recycled single-use paper cups. 

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The sustainable Circular thermos mug is a beautiful example of the use of waste and the fact that waste does not have to end up in the landfill, but something new, practical and, moreover, very beautiful can be created from it.

  • Contents: 227 ml
  • Height: 133 mm with lid,
  • 110 mm without lid
  • Bottom diameter: 64 mm
  • Lid diameter: 84 mm

Circular&Co. is the world's first thermos mug made from used disposable paper cups. The main goal is the use of disposable cups, which are thrown away every day after a few minutes of use.

8 good reasons why you need to have the Circular thermos mug in your life We believe that there is finally a travel thermos for coffee or tea that meets all customer requirements. Circular does not leak, does not burn in the hand and keeps the drink warm or cold longer. It is easy to open and close using only one hand, and the best part is that you don't have to sip coffee through a small hole when drinking from it.

1) Better for the world Every purchase of a Circular thermos mug represents a sustainable solution to the reuse of waste. The reusable Thermal Mug Circular is made from used disposable paper coffee cups. Research shows that each person uses an average of 350 paper cups. With the Circular thermal mug, you no longer need disposable cups. Circular will last you at least 10 years and then it can be recycled again.

2) Opening with one hand The Circular cup has a simple and practical opening and closing that requires only one hand. Just one squeeze of the lid is enough to open and close. This makes it a perfect travel accessory.

3) 100% sealing Circular was developed with an emphasis on functionality. Thanks to 100% sealing, spilled T-shirts and wet bags on the road are no more.

4) Enjoyment of coffee You can't enjoy coffee while sipping it through a hole in the travel mug. One of the goals in the development of the Circular thermal mug was also to provide the customer with real coffee enjoyment. This was achieved thanks to a unique solution for drinking a drink around the entire circumference of the lid, which faithfully simulates drinking from a classic cup.

5) The best for coffee lovers Feeling the aroma of coffee is said to be 90% of the enjoyment of quality freshly ground coffee. Thanks to the Circular thermos mug, you can enjoy this pleasure anywhere without spilling it. The ingenious design will allow you to open and drink from it as if you were drinking from your favorite cup.

6) Thermal mug Keeps the drink hot or cold, just as you wish :) Unlike many reusable cups, the thermos is completely insulated. It's a travel mug that keeps your hot drink hot and your cold drink cold for longer. It will keep your latte warm for an average of 1 hour and 20 minutes and tea warm for up to 1 hour and 40 minutes.

7) It is comfortable to hold, even if your drink is hot. The Circular thermal mug does not burn your hand even when you carry the hottest drink in it :)

8) A thermos mug that is recycled and recyclable. We strive to maximize the lifespan of your Circular thermos mug. If it happens that after years the seal degrades, we will replace the seal with a new one. If the lid mechanism stops working, this is also easily solved by replacing it. If your Circular has really reached the end of its life, you can easily throw it away in the yellow plastic container. All recycling facilities accept and process polypropylene, which is also the reason why we also used it in the production of the Circular thermos mug, and therefore this thermos mug is still fully recyclable.

Instructions on how to use the Circular thermal mug correctly

Press to open, tap to close. When you press the lid to the bottom position, the thermos mug is open. If the lid is up, the thermos is closed. As a little help, you can also use the fact that when you see a thin line on the inside of the lid, your thermos mug is open. Do not fill the thermos above the line. To prevent the drink from overflowing after closing the lid, do not fill above the marked line on the inside of the mug. A hot drink above 65°C can cause negative pressure inside the mug due to the steam. If you cannot easily press the lid when opening, loosen the lid by turning it slightly to reduce the pressure inside the mug. Do not try to squeeze the cap with force, as this may cause the drink or steam to splash out. Caring for your Circular thermos mug Try to wash the thermal mug after each use. That's all you have to do. If you need to wash the mug properly, you can place it in the top shelf of the dishwasher. If you leave the remains of the drink inside the mug for a long time, spots may form on the surface. If this happens, mix a teaspoon of baking soda and water and leave it in the cup for 20 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. The Circular thermos mug is only waterproof if the sealing and closing mechanism is kept clean. We are not responsible for incorrect cup sealing caused by third parties debris or pieces of dried dirt in the seal or closing mechanism.

NEVER use in the microwave!

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The Circular & Co travel mug (originally known as rCUP) is a reusable coffee or tea mug made from recycled single-use paper cups. 

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